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Mauritius Travel Advisory


We wish to confirm that the situation in Mauritius and the region is calm and daily life is continuing as normal.

In particular, we wish to emphasize that this applies to all aviation and tourism activities, and many visitors are currently in the mauritius enjoying the start of the peak tourist season.

Mauritius island is famous for the comfort of its world class hotels and if you would like to be spoiled by the excellent service, enjoy the varied food in the restaurants or spend your time on the well maintained beaches and enjoy the water sports facilities, then a hotel is perfect for you. You may however like to be more independent and discover the real charms of Mauritius or if you have children, then you may find a bungalow or villa is perfect for you. Renting a villa or a bungalow offers many advantages, especially flexibility.

For some people the prospect of coping in a foreign country can be daunting. Are there shops? Are the people friendly ? Is it easy to get about ? On Mauritius island none of these things will be a problem. Mauritians are very friendly people who will help you as much as they can. The official language is English and many Mauritians speak this and also French. Almost every village has its local shop or supermarket and you’ll find prices are good compared to Europe. Most Mauritians get about the island on public transport which you can take advantage of. Alternatively, it is easy to rent a car.

We are of course also on hand to help you should you need assistance and can organise tours to the most interesting parts of the island. We can also book many other excursions for you such as day trips with a catamaran to the uninhabited islands outside of the reef or submarine excursions to discover the beautiful underwater world of the reefs around Mauritius without any need to get your feet wet !.

So you will find Mauritius an ideal place to take your individual holiday at a price which you will discover can be very affordable.

Creole, mainly descendants of 18th century French colonialists and freed African slaves.

Visas Seychelles
A Visitors Permit valid for one month is issued on arrival and in effect, nobody needs a visa. The visitors Permit can be extended up to 3 months and is only issued to those arriving with an onward or return ticket

Mauritius is a very much free and Open country for all religions there is no Criticism at all the people in Mauritius are very much friendly.

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